Welcome to our first blog or as we like to say in our profession “Let the show begin”!

We have now supplied costumes for our first amateur productions of both Hairspray and Sunset. The shows were a huge success and over the next few months we will be posting photos of the costumes so keep popping back. Both shows are proving very popular, Hairspray is just returning from Ilford and heading back out to Ipswich next week. Please contact us if you have either production in the pipeline and would like some images sent now.

At the moment we are suffering from pink overload! We are busy making Elle’s costumes for Legally Blonde and every colour pink from Baby to Fuchsia is been used. As a workplace of nearly all females, there is great excitement at seeing her finished wardrobe. We will be posting photos of the costumes as they’re completed ready for our first production in November.

Thanks for reading our first blog!