If you wish to enquire about a specific production, please telephone or email us and we can supply you with a Costume Plot. This will help you establish what costumes will be required for the show. We can then advise you of the price and discuss whether you would like to arrange a visit to view the set of costumes.

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We will ask for you to send a written confirmation listing the show dates, verifying your society’s name and the show you have chosen. We will then send you our Measurement Forms, which are also available for download on our website. Contracts will also need to be signed at this point.

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Pay us a visit

Generally it is beneficial to make an appointment to view and discuss your productions. Time will be spent discussing in detail the look you require for your production and noting any particular requirements you may have. You may wish to visit us either before or after confirming your booking.

Contrary to popular belief, the Isle of Wight is very easy to reach and also makes for a very enjoyable day out! Please see Contact & Useful Information for details on how to find us.

If a visit is impractical for you to arrange we can discuss your production by telephone.

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Measurement Forms

We ask that the measurement forms are sent to us at least four weeks before the dispatch of your costumes. It is very important that the measurement forms are as accurate as possible as we can only work to the information that you provide. Please ensure the measurement forms are completed in inches. Please see How to Measure PDF if required.

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Costumes will either be delivered by our own company van or by Courier Service depending on the distance to be travelled and the size of the production. We will inform you of the estimated time of delivery. Please arrange to have a member of your society present to receive the costumes on the day of delivery.

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Replacement Costumes

Once your costumes have arrived please hold your Costume Call as soon as possible. We can arrange for any additional requirements to be dispatched to you within one working day.

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Collection & Return

We will arrange with you during production week when the costumes are to be collected. The same method will be used as when they were dispatched.

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