Tony has been designing costumes since the age of seventeen, he has many professional productions to his credit. His comprehension and understanding of all costumes is second to none.

He also directs and produces shows both professionally and for amateurs so he understands just exactly what is needed to make your show visually correct.



Michelle deals with all the administration and helps with the day to day running of Costume Workshop. She has worked for the company for over 20 years but still claims that she does not know an awful lot about costumes and is probably not the best person to ask if you have a specific costume query.  However, if you want to know where your parcel is, Michelle is your lady.

Costume preparation


Katie originally joined us when she was just 20 (but we are not saying how long ago that is now.) She has attained a wealth of knowledge of all costumes and will often help you with your queries if Tony is not available.


Pam joined us when we were a fledgling company and has been with us ever since. She has an in-depth knowledge of all costumes but particularly enjoys working on period productions.

DSC_0704 (2)

Des originally worked in our costume cleaning department when she joined the company over 10 years ago. However, it soon became evident that she had an eye for detail, style and colour co-ordination so she very quickly transferred to the costume preparation division.


Mary is our newest member of the team.  Before she joined Costume Workshop she was a professional dancer performing throughout the U k and abroad.  If there is ever a costume to be modelled, Mary is always willing!

Sewing room


Carol originally came to help out at Costume Workshop for a couple of days 25 years ago and has been with us ever since. She was asked if she could stay on till Christmas, unfortunately for her we didn’t mention which Christmas!

We have presented Carol with many challenges over the years, from making a gigantic dragon that had to fit into a balloon basket to hand sewing thousands of beads to a bespoke dress. No challenge is too great!


Angie joined Costume Workshop 12 years ago, having previously worked as a seamstress for a designer wedding dress company. Angie relishes the variety of projects that she works on and especially enjoys building a brand new wardrobe for a newly released production.


Julie has been with Costume Workshop for over 12 years, each day she never knows quite what her role will be.  One day she could be hand sewing the most intricate of costumes and the next day she could be faced with a large pile of shirts for ironing. We like to call Julie our ‘Jack of all Trades’!



Celia supervises our cleaning department and is responsible for keeping all our costumes clean and pristine. The role is sometimes a little daunting as that washing pile just never seems to go down!

The Workshop

We moved to our new premises in Shanklin at the end of 2013. Here are some pictures from around the workshop.